Top 10 Places to Visit in Portugal

Top 10 Places to Visit in Portugal

Top 10 Places To Visit in Portugal

Don’t let Portugal’s small size fool you into thinking it has nothing to offer. Contrarily, Portugal is Europe’s hidden gem, and there is something or other about tourists having varied tastes and preferences. Starting from the sparkling sea waters, exotic beaches, and lush green valleys to desolate and mysterious mountain ranges, Portugal has loads of wealth stored in its treasure box.

Number 10: Porto 

The romantic city of Porto is well-known for its narrow alleys and elegant Baroque churches. The Neoclassical buildings in this charming city deserve equal attention. Begin your journey from the Ribeira district that has gained the reputation of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ponte Dom Luis I is an exquisite double-decked iron bridge that covers the entire length of the River Douro to link the city with Vila Nova de Gaia. 

Porto- Places to Visit in Portugal

Number 9: Tavira 

The beauty of Tavira is simply surreal. The charming Rio Gilao passes through the heart of the city. You can have a relaxing time strolling at the waterfront. The lavish, ornate structure of the Igreja de Santa do Castelo where knights of the medieval era are buried, is a must-visit. Explore the artefacts kept on display at the captivating Nucleo Islamico. Visit the captivating beach of Ilha de Tavira to stretch out on the soft sands and enjoy sunbathing. Admire the pretty city views from the medieval Tavira Castle, and have a great time.

Tavira- Places to Visit in Portugal

Number 8: Elvas 

Witness the beauty of the exemplary and the most well-preserved military architecture of Europe in Elvas. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Elvas features a captivating star-shaped fortress, thus making it a strong defensive structure. The intricate web of moats, ramparts, and star-shaped walls will blow your mind. The series of cobbled alleys within the complex of ramparts is really mesmerising. The Aqueduto da Amoreira is a really impressive aqueduct that attracts tourists in large numbers. The sparkling interior stuffed with details is admirable. 

Elvas- Places to Visit in Portugal

Number 7: Evora 

Evora is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Portugal. Its ensemble of the best-preserved monuments is the special attraction of Alentejo, Evora. The vast range of historical treasures that have been kept intact adds to the overall charm of the place. Starting from Templo Romano to the splendid 12th century Se or cathedral, Evora is stuffed with loads of attractive historical remains. 

Evora- Places to Visit in Portugal

Number 6: Obidos 

Obidos bagged the prestigious position of being a UNESCO City of Literature. If you are a bookworm, Obidos is the place for you. The scenic view of Obidos seems to come right out of a lovely painting. Huge numbers of cute cafes, elegant whitewashed cottages, and pretty artisans’ stores selling handicrafts add to the overall charm of the place. The cobblestoned pathways and medieval-era walls girdling the area give it a captivating look. The castle at Obidos now functions as an upscale period hotel, and it won’t be a bad idea to gain a unique experience by visiting this royal building. 

Obidos - Places to Visit in Portugal

Number 5: Braga 

Braga is an exquisitely royal city having a rich history as a famous religious and commercial centre. The pristine granite building is interspersed with the sheer vibrancy of the flowers amidst the spruce parks that enhance the beauty of the place. Splendid churches, grand mansions and palatial structures make this place all the more enchanting. The Cathedral of Braga, the Se, is a must-visit.

Braga- Places to Visit in Portugal

Number 4: Tomar 

Situated at the heart of the country, Tomar is undoubtedly one of the beautiful towns you will come across. This pretty town used to function as the headquarters of the Knights Templar. Convento de Cristo is a must-visit. The church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also has a pretty castle near it. The Great Cloister is the most notable attraction of the place. Stroll in the cobblestoned pathways of Tomar and visit the elegant Synagogue-Museu Luso-Hebraico de Abraham Zacuto. The dramatic beauty of Castelo de Almourol, as it stands on a marble-sized island in the Tagus River, is impressive. 

Tomar- Places to Visit in Portugal

Number 3: Lagos 

The stunning resort town of Lagos is a hot spot for anyone who is a beach person. The captivating cliffs, lovely beaches, and fascinating rock formations make the place nothing short of heaven. The widely shaped grottos make up for a beautiful background. Embark on a sea-cave tour and indulge in a myriad of water sports. From Ponta da Piedade, you can enjoy watching sunsets because the view of the orangish glow as the sun sets, from this very point, is really fascinating. 

Lagos- Places to Visit in Portugal

Number 2: Aveiro 

Aveiro or The Venice of Portugal is located in the Beira Litoral region of Portugal. Its beauty lies in the fascinating system of sparkling blue lagoons and a highly complex web of canals. Much like Venice, Aveiro also offers the opportunity of gondola rides for its tourists. The vibrant gondolas add to the overall scenic quality of the place. Modelled upon the Art Nouveau architectural style, Aveiro presents a beautiful sight featuring a series of shops, houses, and restaurants. History lovers can have a great time exploring the history of Aveiro at the famous Museu de Aveiro. Here, you can explore the exhibits related to Santa Joana, who was the daughter of King Afonso V. 

Aveiro- Places to Visit in Portugal 

Number 1: Lisbon

Lisbon is the charming capital of Portugal. Situated against a captivating range of hills with the River Tagus flowing in full force, this pretty city features the most popular tourist destination of Castelo de Sao Jorge. Its stunning location upon the top of a hill along with the battlements, museum, and rich historic exhibits make it a great family destination. Come across a diverse range of fishes and marine species in one of the finest aquariums at Oceanario de Lisboa in Europe. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Torre de Belem is a beautiful one as you find yourself getting lost in the grandeur of Portugal’s ‘Age of Discovery’ during the 16th century. King’s Chamber and the royal coat of arms of Manuel I are must-visits while you are here. 

Lisbon- Places to Visit in Portugal

Top 10 Places to Visit in Portugal on a Map

Portugal offers a wealth of captivating destinations that cater to a wide range of interests and preferences. From the enchanting streets of Lisbon to the sun-drenched beaches of the Algarve, the historic charm of Porto, and the picturesque beauty of the Douro Valley, this country is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences.

Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, a food enthusiast, or simply seeking relaxation, Portugal’s top 10 places to visit have something to offer everyone. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, indulge in delicious cuisine, and explore the stunning landscapes that make Portugal a truly remarkable destination.

Plan your journey, pack your bags, and get ready to create lasting memories in this captivating country.

How excited are you to visit Portugal and take snaps of these awesome places on your camera? You may also indulge yourself with the Authentic Dishes in Portugal That You Must Try and visit the Best Wine Regions in Portugal Wine Country.

Let us know in the COMMENTS section below, which of these places sparked your interest.

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