8 Best Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)

Best Things to do in Bohol

Bohol, Philippines, is a beautiful island that offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy. From natural wonders, to adventure activities to cultural experiences, there is something for everyone. 

8. Cathedral of San Jose 

The Cathedral of San Jose, also known as the Loboc Church, is a must-see destination for those visiting the island of Bohol in the Philippines. The cathedral is a beautiful example of colonial-era architecture and is considered one of the most important historical landmarks on the island. Visitors can explore the church and admire its intricate stone carvings, stained-glass windows, and beautiful frescoes. The church has a unique architectural design, which is a mix of Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque styles. The cathedral is also home to a number of religious artifacts and artworks, including a wooden statue of the patron saint, San Jose, and a collection of antique religious vestments. 

7. Mahogany Forest

The Mahogany Forest in Bohol, Philippines is a must-see destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a protected area located in the town of Carmen, which is known for its beautiful mahogany trees, which are some of the tallest and largest in the country. Visitors can take a guided tour of the forest and explore its many trails, which wind through the dense canopy of mahogany trees. The forest is also home to a wide variety of wildlife, including different species of birds, butterflies, and insects, making it a great spot for bird watching and wildlife photography. One of the highlights of the Mahogany Forest is the “Canopy Walk,” a suspended bridge that allows visitors to walk through the treetops and get a bird’s-eye view of the forest. It’s a great way to experience the beauty of the forest and take in the natural surroundings. The forest is also home to the “Mahogany Man,” a giant statue carved from a single mahogany tree, which serves as a symbol of the importance of conservation and sustainable use of the forest’s resources. 

Mahogany Forest - Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)
Mahogany Forest
Cathedral of San Jose - Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)
Cathedral of San Jose 

6. Take an unofficial cruise down Loboc River

Taking an unofficial cruise down the Loboc River in Bohol, Philippines, is a unique and peaceful experience. The river winds through lush jungle and small villages, providing a glimpse into the local culture and way of life. Along the way, visitors can spot exotic birds, monkeys, and other wildlife. The highlight of the cruise is a stop at a floating restaurant, where you can enjoy a traditional Filipino buffet while being serenaded by local musicians. It’s an ideal way to relax and take in the natural beauty of the area. Unofficial cruises can be arranged with local operators, but it’s important to check the safety and legality of the tour before booking.

Loboc River - Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)
Loboc River

5. Tarsier Conservatory

Tarsier Conservatory in Bohol, Philippines is a sanctuary for the world’s smallest primates, the tarsiers. These tiny animals, which are about the size of an adult human hand, are native to Southeast Asia and are known for their large eyes, which are proportionally the largest of any mammal. The conservatory, located in the town of Corella, provides a protected environment for tarsiers to live and breed, while also educating visitors about the importance of conservation for these endangered animals. The sanctuary also provides a safe space for the tarsiers, which are often hunted for food or captured for use in the pet trade. The Tarsier Conservatory is open to the public and offers guided tours to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Tarsier Conservatory - Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)
Tarsier Conservatory

4. River Paddle Boarding

River paddleboarding in Bohol, Philippines, is a popular activity for both tourists and locals. The island’s many rivers offer picturesque landscapes and a peaceful environment for a unique paddling experience. The calm, clear waters of the rivers provide a great opportunity to spot different species of birds and other wildlife that call the area home. Paddleboarding allows you to move at a slower pace, allowing you to take in the natural beauty of the river and its surroundings. Some popular spots for river paddleboarding include the Loboc River, which winds through the lush rainforest and is known for its tasty river-side seafood, and the Inabanga River, which is a great spot for birdwatching. Rentals and guided tours are available for those who want to try river paddleboarding in Bohol. 

River Paddle Boarding - Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)
River Paddle Boarding

3. Bamboo Hanging Bridge

The Bamboo Hanging Bridge in Bohol, Philippines, is a popular tourist attraction located in the town of Sevilla. The bridge is made entirely of bamboo and is suspended high above the Loboc River. It offers visitors a unique and exciting way to experience the lush rainforest that surrounds the river. The bridge is a little over 100 meters long and is quite sturdy, allowing visitors to walk across it with ease. The bridge’s unique construction and design make it an engineering marvel and a must-see for any traveler visiting the area. Visitors can walk across the bridge and take in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding rainforest, as well as spot different species of birds and other wildlife that call the area home. The Bamboo Hanging Bridge is a great spot for nature lovers, photographers, and adventure seekers.

Bamboo Hanging Bridge - Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)
Bamboo Hanging Bridge

2. Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory

The Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory (BHCC) in Bohol, Philippines is a conservation and research center that aims to protect and preserve the island’s biodiversity and natural habitats. It is located in the town of Bilar and is home to a variety of native species, including birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals. The BHCC works to protect and conserve these species through research, breeding, and reforestation programs. The facility also offers educational tours and activities for visitors to learn about the conservation efforts and the diverse wildlife that call the island home. It features an aviary where visitors can observe different species of birds and a butterfly sanctuary where visitors can learn about the different species of butterflies and their life cycle.

Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory - Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)
Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory

1. Visit the Chocolate Hills

A visit to the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines, is a must for any traveler visiting the island. The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation of around 1,200 hills that cover an area of more than 50 square kilometers. These unique hills are made of limestone and are named for their appearance, which turns brown during the dry season, resembling chocolate mounds. They are considered one of the country’s most iconic natural wonders and a protected area. The best viewpoint to see the Chocolate Hills is from the observation deck at the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen. Visitors can also hike through the area and explore the surrounding landscape. The Chocolate Hills are also home to several species of plants and animals, including the Philippine tarsier, a small primate found only in the Philippines. The Chocolate Hills are a great spot for nature lovers, photographers, and adventure seekers.

Chocolate Hills - Things to do in Bohol (Philippines)
Chocolate Hills

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Excited to discover Bohol, Philippines? This beautiful land has a lot to offer! You may also visit the other 10 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines to fully enjoy your trip!

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