10 Facts About London You Probably Didn’t Know

 10 Facts About London You Probably Didn’t Know


London. Once you’ve lived here, even for a little while, it becomes a mysterious, unique, ageless, and always changing part of who you are for the rest of your life. Being a Londoner means that you constantly learn new and fascinating information about the city, from tales about the Tower of London to the black cab drivers’ encyclopedic knowledge of the city’s streets. Alarmingly, a lot of these facts contradict everything you believed to be true about the city. In honor of London History Day, we decided to look into some bizarre, ridiculous, and amusing facts about London that are nonetheless true. Explore the bizarre environment that Londoners live in on a daily basis.

London is the smallest city in England.

That’s accurate. Greater London is the name of the huge metropolis that most of us know as London; the City of London is only a minor part of it. It is the smallest English town, with a population of just 9,123.

London Street - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
London Street

It’s technically a forest.

It’s difficult to imagine how much greenery and green space there is in London unless you’ve been there. In fact, it meets the UN definition of a forest because of the number of trees present per square mile there.

Green trees in UK - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
Green trees in London

More than 50 percent of London’s underground runs above ground.

Therefore, the Overground would be a better name for it. But there is already an Overground. Well, I guess I’ll just keep calling it “the tube” from now on.

London 'tube" - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
London ‘tube”

Big Ben is not really called Big Ben.

Visitors from around the globe flock to Westminster Bridge to pose for photos near Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Sadly, not a single one of them ever departs with a photo of it. The bell that resides inside this famous landmark, known as Big Ben, is actually called the Elizabeth Tower. Therefore, you won’t be able to take a picture of Big Ben, but if you’re lucky, you might hear it.

Big Ben - London - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
Big Ben – London

Rainy London is not particularly rainy.

The capital’s reputation as a rainy city is well-known globally. All things considered, it’s not true at all. Rome, Miami, and Sydney all experience more rain than London does, both in terms of total precipitation and the number of rainy days.

London street in the rain - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
London street in the rain

Almost no Londoners live in London.

Most of the folks you see as you stroll through London’s streets won’t likely be “real” Londoners. In the city of Greater London, there are a little over 8.5 million residents. However, the city receives an astounding 16 million tourists each year!

London People - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
London People

There are more Indian restaurants here than in Mumbai.

Despite the fact that every restaurant in Mumbai is an Indian restaurant, London has a significantly greater number of top-notch restaurants than its culinary adversary. Going to London over India is the preferable choice if you want a superb curry.

Indian curry - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
Indian curry

Traffic has not been better in a century.

If you judge the speed of travel throughout the city, that is. The top speed of vehicles traveling through the city center is an average of 7.4 miles per hour, or roughly the same pace as a horse and taxi. We advise you to walk it the next time you go to the London Eye.

London traffic - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
London traffic

The right side of the road, which is the incorrect side, is where you can drive.

Everyone is aware that English drivers always travel on the left side of the road. There is one neighborhood in the UK, though, where tourists may reconnect with their ancestors. Drivers are required by law to drive on the right side of the road on Savoy Court, a street off the Strand.

Driving in London - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
Driving in London

But which city are we talking about?

There are more cities called London, besides the capital of the United Kingdom. The United States has ten, Canada has one, France has one, and an asteroid named London even exists. The next time you purchase tickets, be sure to have a destination in mind!

London City - Facts About London You Probably Didn't Know
London City

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