10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit

10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit

Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit

There are thousands of islands in Greece. But not every one of them is occupied. There are various island types as well. There are islands, for instance, where you may enjoy yourself all night long and experience Greek nightlife. However, certain islands are more popular with families because of their peace and quiet ambiance. The Greek islands are the best choice for your summer vacation in each of these scenarios. The best Greek islands to visit and the justifications for doing so are listed below.

10. Naxos Island

The largest Cycladic island is Naxos. From the port of Piraeus, a ship will take you to Naxos. It is easy to identify the island by its distinctive Portara, a sizable structure that resembles a gate. To be clear, this is the Apollo Temple. You can stay in luxurious hotels in amazing locations on Naxos. It is also regarded as a family-friendly island because there are many sandy beaches where you may spend the day with your children.

You will undoubtedly enjoy this location because it will make you want to go back in time. Finally, if you enjoy eating meat, keep in mind that Naxos is renowned for its superb meat dishes and livestock.

Naxos Island - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.
Naxos Island

9. Kefalonia

Odysseus, the legendary ruler, was born in Kefalonia. The Ionian Sea is where it is situated. Being a large island, you will undoubtedly enjoy taking long road journeys. Most importantly, every island location is distinct. You may look forward to long beaches with pristine waters. So, it’s up to you to decide which beach you want to spend the day at.

Above all, pass up the opportunity to see Melissani Cave. To be clear, you travel there by boat, and it is a sea cave. It is undoubtedly a distinctive experience. It is a must-see location, therefore. You will be in awe of this magnificent natural setting. 

Kefalonia - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.

8. Corfu

You may fly there to get there, which lies in the northern Ionian Sea. You will undoubtedly adore Corfu’s old town with its Venetian style architecture. Likewise, you get the impression that you are in another time when walking around this town. You can also do long road journeys in Corfu, in addition to everything else. That is to say, fantastic drives can lead you to magnificent beaches.

Most importantly, you won’t ever get bored in Corfu. To be clear, you have the option to engage in many activities. You could desire to engage in some water sports, for instance. Additionally, classes in ceramics or cuisine are frequently offered to those who are eager to learn something new.

Corfu - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.

7. Los

Los is the best option if you enjoy parties and want to experience Greek nightlife. You will have the best view of the island while enjoying your drinks or light cocktails. There are several different bars and clubs in this area.

Nevertheless, Llos is home to some fantastic beaches. One of them is Mylopotas. Prepare to enjoy and have fun on sandy beaches and in the crystal-clear sea. Finally, you can find a variety of water sports to engage in and increase your excitement at various beaches. Llos is therefore among the best Greek islands to visit.

Los Island - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.
Los Island

6. Zakynthos

One of the most well-liked island getaways for summer vacations is Zakynthos. Above all, there are many beautiful spots to travel to. The majority of them are very remarkable. 

Most importantly, you get the opportunity to view distinctive scenery in addition to the lovely beaches and blue ocean. In other words, if you decide to visit Zakynthos, you must go to the Blue Caves and Shipwreck Beach. You will undoubtedly appreciate swimming in this pure water and taking in the breathtaking environment. Last but not least, don’t forget to go on an expedition to see the Caretta-caretta turtles.

Zakynthos - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.

5. Kos

One of the largest islands in the Dodecanese is Kos. Given that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, was born here, it has a very lengthy history. Therefore, if you travel to Kos, you will have the chance to see Asklepion, one of Greece’s most important historical sites. Hippocrates used to instruct medical students here in antiquity.

You may enjoy swimming in the amazing waters and admiring the expansive beaches of Kos. Keep in mind that Kos is situated just across from the well-known Turkish city of Bodrum, making a day trip there simple.

Kos - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.


4. Mykonos

The Greek island paradise of Mykonos is unquestionably the most international. In other words, grandeur is a way of life in this place. If you intend to travel to Mykonos, get ready for an unforgettable nightlife experience. Mykonos is converted into a fantastic party every summer night.

In addition to the upscale pubs and eateries, Mykonos offers the Greek sun. To put it another way, you can spend your day at paid or free beaches. However, you should be aware that Mykonos frequently has windy weather. Therefore, there may be certain days when you are unable to spend time by the water, but can instead enjoy your coffee at lovely cafés nearby.

Mykonos - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.

3. Rhodes

The Dodecanese’s largest and most well-known island is Rhodes. Numerous factors draw thousands of people there each summer. To be clear, you will spend a lot of time in Rhodes taking walks through the old town. You will feel as though you have traveled back in time in this medieval village. Additionally, don’t forget to stop by the Knights of Rhodes’ Grand Master’s Palace.

You will most definitely appreciate the nightlife, authentic cuisine, and stunning beaches of Rhodes. To put it another way, Rhodes is a destination where you can engage in a variety of activities.

Rhodes - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.

2. Santorini

Santorini Island will, of course, be one of the top of this list. One of the most well-known travel destinations in the entire globe is Santorini. When arriving at the island by ship, you will be astounded by Caldera. The buildings seem to be floating in the air because of this tall, steep rock. 

Most significantly, Santorini offers magnificent sunsets and an opulent way of life. There are also many beaches that are quite well-liked. For instance, you can appreciate this volcanic terrain by spending the day at the Red beach or the Black beach, where the sand is indeed very black.

Santorini - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.

1. Crete

The largest island in Greece is unquestionably Crete. This means that it will take you a lot of days to see it all. In other words, it is made up of the prefectures of Chania, Lassithi, Heraklion, and Rethymno. There are unique sites of attraction in each prefecture.

In conclusion, Plaka village in Lassithi is where you may visit and have a tour of the well-known Spinalogga island after reaching there by boat. It is undoubtedly a distinctive experience. Additionally, Heraklion is a sizable city with lovely squares. You absolutely must visit the Knossos Palace archaeological site while in Heraklion.

Crete - 10 Best Islands in Greece You Must Visit.

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