Top 15 Things to do in Ibiza

Top 15 Things to do in Ibiza


Ibiza is widely regarded as the “party capital” of the world. Every year, tens of thousands of party goers flock to its shores in search of the best festivities in the world. You might be thinking, “What else is there to do on this island except for a party?” given its reputation for having some of the finest clubs, pubs, and festivals worldwide. There are, in fact, plenty of things to do.

15. Visit Spas

Ibiza’s holistic spa and relaxation scene are almost as well-known as its electronic music and nightclubs. There are 15 spas on the island, many of which are attached to hotels and apartment complexes, while others are private clubs that welcome visitors and members alike.

Ibiza's holistic spa and relaxation scene - Things to do in Ibiza
Ibiza’s holistic spa and relaxation scene

14. See Dalt Vila

If you visit Ibiza and don’t spend at least a morning or a sun-kissed evening getting lost in the cobbled web of streets that comprise Ibiza Old Town, you’re missing out. Pass through the gate to Dalt Vila, with its gleaming whitewashed buildings, vibrant flora, and towering cacti that overlook the coastline and the rest of the city. It’s picture-perfect, so don’t forget to bring your camera.

Dalt Vila - Things to do in Ibiza
Dalt Vila

13. Visit Ibiza Cathedral

You’ll come across fascinating historic squares like the Plaza de Vila and Plaza de Sa Carrossa while wandering through the streets of Dalt Vila until you reach the Ibiza Cathedral at the very top of the town. It is Ibiza’s only church or cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows. It was built in the 16th century in the Catalan Gothic style on top of a 14th-century building.

 Ibiza Cathedral - Things to do in Ibiza
Ibiza Cathedral

12. Visit Cala Bassa Beach Club

The elegant Cala Bassa Beach Club is conveniently positioned on what is likely the busiest Beach in the area, making it ideal for thirsty tourists who want to bask in the sun with a drink in hand but not wander too far from the hotel. If you don’t mind a few other visitors, the club is famed for its superb Sangria and a broad menu that includes both quick food and gourmet dishes for lunch or supper. Of course, all of this is with regular live music and stunning ocean views.

Cala Bassa Beach Club - Things to do in Ibiza
Cala Bassa Beach Club

11. Bargain at the Hippy Market

The hippie market in Ibiza (located near Punta Arabia) is a popular tourist destination. This market, popular with local traders and hippies, sells anything from hand-made goods to wood carvings and junk stuff. A typical complaint about this market is that it is pricey and caters mostly to island tourists. However, you shouldn’t pass it up if you’re in the neighborhood.

Hippy Market - Things to do in Ibiza
Hippy Market

10. Go to Berrinas Beach

Every Sunday night, as the sun sets, an extraordinary drumming event takes place at Berrinas Beach. In Ibiza, this is the spot to go on Sunday evenings. The sandy bay in this northern part of the island is wide, producing an exquisite golden light that travelers and residents enjoy well before sunset.

Go to Berrinas Beach - Things to do in Ibiza
Sunset by the beach

9. Visit Formentera

The languorous, salt-washed jewel of an island scattered off Ibiza’s southern coast feels like the Mediterranean’s most perfect, barefoot, all-natural paradise. Lighthouses rise on gold-tinged cliffs as Caribbean-blue waves crash onto sparkling-white beaches, where development has traditionally been rigorously regulated. Ferries run every 30 minutes from Ibiza Town to Formentera.

Formentera - Things to do in Ibiza

8. Explore Ibiza’s countryside on a Vespa

Explore the island’s backroads on a vintage Vespa with a guide, seeing tranquil, whitewashed towns and secluded bays. There are two routes: a northern and western path with the more rocky landscape and a southern route with beautiful beaches. There will be plenty of stops along the route, and the pace will be slow; in these regions of the island, away from the resorts, the roads will be calm, and you’ll see a whole other, more rural face of Ibiza, a world away from the glitz and glamour of the coast.

Ibiza's countryside on a Vespa - Things to do in Ibiza
Ibiza’s countryside on a Vespa

7. Explore caves on a kayak

If you want to row over Ibiza’s turquoise seas and find more remote locations, a kayak tour is an ideal way to view unspoiled beaches and interesting caves from a new perspective. You will also get the opportunity to go snorkeling and discover the secret depths of the island’s distinctive seas.

Things to do in Ibiza - Things to do in Ibiza
Things to do in Ibiza

6. Go bird watching at Ibiza Salt Flats

These salt flats may not be your first port of call on your Ibiza vacation, but they are a sight to behold. They sparkle when the sun shines on the wonderful pink-hued water. The wetlands are also a stopover for migrating birds; from August to October, keep a look-out for flamingos and other unusual species.

Go bird watching - Things to do in Ibiza
Go bird watching

5. Cliff jumping at Cala Tarida

Thanks to the rocky cliffs that make up the shoreline, there are a few places to cliff jump in Ibiza, but the best option (if you’re seeking a shorter leap that still offers you an adrenaline rush) is at Cala Tarida. The beautiful sandy Beach is around 20 minutes drive from San Antonio. Look for the rock formations at the Beach’s ends, and don’t be afraid to climb them. The rocks aren’t too high, so jumping into the cool, Mediterranean water is enjoyable.

Cliff jumping - Things to do in Ibiza
Cliff jumping

4. Drink Sangria on the Beach

Make your day at the Beach even more enjoyable by sipping on an icy-cold glass of Spanish Sangria. The classic recipe calls for red wine, brandy, and chopped fruit. But don’t be worried if you’re not a fan! Today, there are many various types of Sangria available, ranging from Sangria prepared with white wine and flavored with citrus fruits to Sangria made with cava and flavored with berries.

Drink Sangria on the Beach - Things to do in Ibiza
Drink Sangria on the Beach

3. Ses Salines Beach Party

Ses Salines Beach is part of the broader Set Salines National Park, which has a beautiful span of protected environment, woodland, and shoreline. It is protected because of its tremendous ecological importance and the variety of species that inhabit it. Ses Salines Beach is a long, open length of golden sand bordered by the island’s natural pine forest. The water welcomes anyone who wishes to participate in watersports or go for a swim.

Ses Salines Beach Party - Things to do in Ibiza

2. Slingshot Ibiza Amusement Park is a must-see

Head to the Slingshot Ibiza Amusement Park if you want something different from regular partying. Take a ride on this life-sized slingshot, and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to another dimension. This amusement park offers a variety of bars, restaurants, and other attractions to explore in addition to the usual carnival activities.

 Slingshot Ibiza - Things to do in Ibiza
Slingshot Ibiza

1. Explore the Old Town

The fortified UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ibiza’s Old Town is an intriguing maze of small streets and whitewashed walls that stands in sharp contrast to the typical Ibiza reputation. It doesn’t have nice beaches or clubs, but it does have some amazing harbor views and is a breath of fresh air from the more sophisticated side of Ibiza.

Ibiza's Old Town - Things to do in Ibiza
Ibiza’s Old Town

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