Top 5 Things To Do In Monaco

Top 5 Things To Do In Monaco

Monaco Places

The lovely royal principality of Monaco is positioned on the glitzy and stunning French Riviera. Headed by the Prince of Monaco, this ever-glamorous principality is the abode of the rich and the renowned. Populated with impressive, ornate structures of palaces, luxurious yachts, pretty gardens, and endless natural wonders, touring Monaco has several factors that will please you in exciting ways.

Things To Do In Monaco

Number 5: Explore The Beauty and Luxurious Ambience Of Palais du Prince

The extravagantly luxurious structure of Palais du Prince is the official residence of 

Prince Albert II, the Monarch of the principality. Situated above the sparkling sea waters on the scenic Le Rocher peninsula, this majestic building is also the abode of the oldest monarchy in the entire world. 

Visiting this beautiful palace is allowed only if the Prince is not present in the residence. You can clearly understand that by searching for and spotting the flag in the core tower. If it is not raised on the tower, know that the Prince is away from his palace. 

This majestic building was established in 1297 when the Genoese noble family arrived from Grimaldi to capture the unnamed piece of land off the Mediterranean coast and named it “Monaco.” The sweeping views offered by this castle will blow your mind. The sight of the sea roaring in its own rhythm, from this palace will is really stunning. 

Initially, it was a fortress, but later it was upgraded to a luxurious Louis-XIV-styled mansion. Explore the beautiful Palatine Chapel of the 17th century, and admire the marvellous Carrara marble double staircase of the palace. Watch the ceremonious event of Changing of the Guards that takes place daily at 11.55 am right in front of the palace. 

Make sure to pay a visit to the glamorous Blue Room, which is replete with deep blue and gold decorations. The excessively ornate Thorn Room is also a notable exhibit to watch out for. 

Palais du Prince-  Things To Do In Monaco
Palais du Prince

Number 4: Indulge In A Thrilling Experience Watching Formula Car Racing At Monaco Grand Prix 

The renowned Formula One car racing takes place in Monte Carlo every year on the very last weekend in May. Monaco is everything rich and glamorous! Irrespective of whether you are a fan of Formula car racing, visiting the Grand Prix and watching the high-end, glamorous cars racing on their tracks will entice you to a great extent. Owing to the insane craze among Formula One fans for watching the race live in real-time, getting your hands on tickets may become extremely difficult. 

Make sure you book tickets in advance to enjoy watching this interesting race. The coolest part of this activity is that, if you bring a car with you or rent it from any local dealer, you can avail yourself the golden opportunity to retrace the identical tracks of the splendid racing automobiles that drive down the Formula One circuit that is located at the very heart of the city in Monaco. 

You can also visit the popular racing memorabilia store located at 46 rue Grimaldi. If you happen to be in the city around the third week of May, don’t forget to seize this wonderful opportunity. 

Monaco Grand Prix - Things To Do In Monaco
Monaco Grand Prix 

Number 3: Witness The Divine Beauty Of Cathedrale de Monaco 

This pristine white-stoned cathedral is actually the resting place of the late Princess of Monaco. Styled as per the features of the neo-Byzantine architectural form, this cathedral also treasures the tombs of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, who happened to be important members of the royal sovereign family in Monaco. 

Religious concerts that are held here occasionally draw a large number of tourists from all over the neighbouring and faraway lands. While here, explore the cathedral and admire the marvellous artistic artefact- the Episcopal Throne. Its speciality lies in the fact that it has been carved out of the stunningly beautiful Carrara marble. 

If you plan to visit this serene place, make sure you have dressed up as per the code laid out by the cathedral. Just make sure that you don’t wear any outfit that reveals your shoulder, or is sleeveless. Likewise, avoid wearing miniskirts, shorts or any other outfits that don’t touch your knee level. Since the cathedral offers free admission to everyone, you can have a smooth, hassle-free experience visiting this impressive place. 

Cathedrale de Monaco- Things to do in Monaco
Cathedrale de Monaco

Number 2: Get Lost In The Lovely Ambience Of Princess Grace Rose Garden 

This 4-hectare pretty garden in Fontvieille Park was opened for public access on 18th June 1984. Do you know this spectacular garden was designed on the initiative of Prince Rainier III as a tribute to his beloved wife, Princess Grace? 

The diverse types of beautiful roses found here will captivate you to a great extent. Over 6000 rose bushes are present in the ground. To identify specific types of roses, special QR codes have also been designed for each rose in this garden. 

Enjoy solitude and complete serenity as you revel in the lovely ambience of the garden. Stroll and explore the beauty of the rose varieties to have a delightful experience. 

Princess Grace Rose Garden-Things To Do In Monaco
Princess Grace Rose Garden

Number 1: Navigate Through The Pretty Pathways Of Jardin Exotique 

Jardin Exotique is located atop a rugged cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you can lay your eyes on varieties of exotic plants that grow in this conducive climate. 

Head towards the enchanting Observatory Cave located in this captivating garden. Admire the stunning limestone formations, stalactites, and stalagmites. 

Enjoy guided cave tours, take loads of pretty snaps, and have a great time watching the pretty sea views. 

Monaco Exotic Jardin- Things to do in Monaco
Jardin Exotique 

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Monaco Places

Top 5 Things To Do In Monaco

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