Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

Denmark has a diverse range of attractions, including heritage sites, architectural wonders, modern art, and exquisite traditional cuisine. , With easy access to transportation and most places connected by roads and ferries, there’s little reason not to explore some of Denmark’s best places on tour across the country. Keeping that in mind, we will be counting down 15 of the best places in Denmark to visit on your trip.

Places to Visit in Denmark

15. Kerteminde

Kerteminde is ideal for those who want to see the timeless, tranquil side of uber-pretty Funen Island, with its timbered homes and winding cobblestone streets. Despite the addition of a few attractive coffee shops and restaurants, the town center has changed little since the late Middle Ages, while amazing exhibitions like the Ladby Viking ship and the residence of legendary national painter Johannes Larsen lend a taste of ancient history and culture to the mix. You can also travel to Kerteminde on your way to the windswept regions of Romso Island out at sea, where you will encounter some of Denmark’s most distant natural landscapes in all their rugged glory!

Kerteminde - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

14. Aalborg

Aalborg, Denmark’s fourth largest city, is located in the northern Danish province of Jutland. It is a melting pot of trade and culture. It is a must-see place in Denmark since it is one of the country’s main cities and offers the ideal fusion of Opera, Symphony, and Theatre. Denmark’s all-time tourist sights include the famed Aalborghus Castle from the 6th century, a former Royal Residence, stunning half-timbered structures, and the heavenly and oldest Budolfi Church from the 14th century.

Aalborg - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

13. Ribe

Denmark’s oldest town is located on the picturesque southwest coast of Jutland. It has an interesting living Viking museum as well as a well-preserved medieval center. The majestic Ribe Cathedral, built in the early 8th century, still thrives today and offers breathtaking views from its tower. The Wadden Sea Centre is another destination where you may learn about the country’s new Wadden Sea National Park, tour wetlands, stare out into the sea, or take a trip to the island of Mando.

Ribe - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

12. Bornholm

Bornholm is located east of mainland Denmark in the Baltic Sea, closer to Sweden, Germany, and Poland than to the rest of Denmark. Bornholm is accessible via a 35-minute flight from Copenhagen or by train to the Swedish city of Ystad, where a one-and-a-half-hour ferry to the island departs. Despite its remoteness, the island is famous among Danes for its beautiful landscape, artistic culture, and year-round sunshine – a rare luxury in Scandinavia. The coast of Bornholm is home to long stretches of white sand beaches, fishing communities, and the scenically disintegrating remnants of Hammershus Castle. The interior of the island is characterized by forests, lakes, and round churches.

Bornholm - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

11. Billund

Looking for laid-back vacations? Billund is a peaceful rural town in Jutland.

Billund is well-known for being the birthplace of Lego, as well as the location of the original Lego factory and the Legoland resort. It now boasts a massive Lego House with six experience zones where you can get ideas for unlimited building possibilities.

If the assumption that this place is exclusively suitable for kids slips your mind, you are mistaken. This place is well-known among visitors of all ages for its scenic beauty as well as its delicious cuisine.

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Billund - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

10. Fredericia

Fredericia began life as a purpose-built fortified town to protect Danish territories in the aftermath of the Thirty Years’ War, nestled in the coastline connected between the Jutland Peninsula and the lovely island of Funen. Today, the conflict-torn past spills out of every gate and bulwark that form the city walls, while monuments like The Foot Soldier bear witness to Fredericia’s enduring strategic importance right up to the dawn of the modern era.

Fredericia - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

9. Fur

Fur island is recognized as Denmark’s most beautiful island and is on the UNESCO tentative list for its moler. Moler is a type of clay that has been coated with black volcanic ash. It dates back 55 million years and can be seen here, along with fossils of fish, insects, and birds.

Fur - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark
Fur Island

8. Aarhus 

Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city, is located on the country’s east coast and is an excellent place to learn about Danish culture.

Den Gamle By, one of Europe’s oldest open-air museums, is located in Aarhus. The museum is comprised of over 75 historic buildings transferred from their original locations throughout Denmark. You can also visit ARoS, one of Scandinavia’s largest art museums, and capture a gorgeous photo while wandering around the glass rainbow circle high above the city roofs.

Aarhus  - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

7. Mons Klint

This stretch of white cliffs is possibly the most famous in Denmark and is quite spectacular to view.

They stretch for around 6 kilometers and are definitely worth seeing when visiting the island of Mons. Plus, you won’t even need to get a boat to visit; there’s a road (from Kalvehave or Bogo Island) to get here.

Mons Klint - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark
Mons Klint

6. Roskilde

Roskilde is situated in the heart of Copenhagen. The Viking Ship Museum is a visual joy for people of all ages. Therefore visitors should never pass up the opportunity to visit with their families. This visit will provide tourists with information on how the Vikings built their boats and repaired their vessels, which will be extremely useful for modern shipbuilders in reconstructing all of these ancient methods of ship handling.

Roskilde - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

5. Skagen

Skagen is located in northern Denmark and is known for its natural beauty and wonders. The lengthy coastline, tall sand dunes, and ever-changing light make it a favorite summer destination for artists, visitors, and locals alike. The days appear to go forever, and the nights are relatively short. A fantastic spot for a full Scandinavian summer. Skagen is also a good site to see the northern lights if you happen to be in Denmark during winter.

Skagen - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

4. Odense

Odense is frequently referred to as a cultural hotspot in Denmark. This city is special since it is the birthplace of renowned novelist Hans Christian Andersen and renowned composer Carl Nielsen. Many fairy tale sculptures can be seen around town, and walking through the old streets might make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

Odense - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

3. The Danish Riviera

Hornbaek is located in North Zealand, a region north of Copenhagen renowned as the Danish Rivera because of its gorgeous beaches, laid-back culture, and exclusive neighborhoods. The town’s natural harbor was instrumental in its development as a flourishing fishing settlement before its natural beauty made it famous to tourists. Horbaek caters to cosmopolitan tastes with its premium restaurants and tidy spots, as well as a multitude of attractions such as the Frederiksborg Castle, the Maritime Museum, and Kronborg Castle, the fictional home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Frederiksborg Castle - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark
Frederiksborg Castle

2. The Faroe Islands

Denmark also includes two autonomous countries: the far-flung Fare Islands and Greenland. The Fare Islands (Sheep Islands) are an archipelago of 18 lonely islands located 600 kilometers west of the Norwegian coast. The landscape varies from steep rocky beaches, meadows, and mist-cloaked hills to inland fjords. To get to the Fares, you can fly from Copenhagen to the airport on the island of Vgar all year or take a ferry from many Danish ports to Torshavn, the capital on the island of Streymoy.

Faroe Islands - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark
Faroe Islands

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

You can’t visit Denmark and not visit Copenhagen, no matter how touristy you are. Copenhagen is a must-see when visiting Denmark. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark, one of the best European capitals, one of the best bike-friendly cities in Europe, and one of the best family-friendly towns in Europe.

Copenhagen deserves to be seen, appreciated, and loved for its wonderful art, design, and architecture, historical sites, gorgeous castles, interesting museums, exciting amusement parks, fashionable and colorful neighborhoods, pleasant and comfortable cafes, and renowned Nyhavn.

You must try the Favorite Brunch and Breakfast Spots in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen - Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark

Top 15 Places to Visit in Denmark on a Map

How excited are you to visit Denmark and take snaps of these awesome places on your camera? Let us know in the COMMENTS section below, which of these places sparked your interest.

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