Fun Winter Activities in Belgium

Fun Winter Activities in Belgium

Snow Activities in Belgium

 Embracing Winter Wonderland

Belgium may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of snow activities, but this charming country offers a delightful winter experience that should be noticed.

Snow Activities in Belgium

From snow-covered landscapes to thrilling activities, Belgium transforms into a winter wonderland that caters to adventure seekers and those looking for a cozy retreat.

Here’s a guide to 10 things to do and see, ten places to visit, and where to eat nearby during the snow season, along with five essential tips for an unforgettable winter adventure.

 10 Things to Do in winter time vin Belgium

Cross-country skiing in Ardennes

Winter Sports in the Ardennes: If you enjoy winter sports, head to the Ardennes region for activities like skiiand cross-country skiing.

Ardennes - Snow Activities in Belgium

With its rolling hills and dense forests, the Ardennes region becomes a go-to place in the winter months.

Well-known cross-country skiing areas in the Ardennes are:

  • Signal de Botrange
  • Rocherath
  • Butgenbach
  • Losheimergraben
  • Ovifat
  • Baraque Fraiture
  • Le Monty
  • Trois Ponts.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating: Many cities set up temporary ice rinks during the winter. Enjoy outdoor ice skating in iconic locations, such as Brussels’ Grand-Place or Bruges’ Markt.

The heart of Belgium, Brussels, offers enchanting ice skating experiences during the winter. The Place de la Monnaie and Mont des Arts turn into ice rinks, surrounded by stunning architecture and festive lights.

Christmas markets

Christmas Markets: Explore the enchanting Christmas markets held in cities like Leuven, Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent. Enjoy festive decorations, local crafts, and seasonal treats.

Christmas Markets in Bruges - Snow Activities in Belgium

Bruges, often called the Venice of the North, becomes even more enchanting during the snow season. Explore the cobbled streets adorned with Christmas lights and visit the famous Christmas market in the Grote Markt.


Festive Belgium - Snow Activities in Belgium

Visit Winter Castles:

Explore historical castles like Castle of the Counts in Ghent or the Gravensteen Castle, which can be particularly picturesque in the winter.

Chocolate and Waffle Tasting:

Warm up with some delicious Belgian hot chocolate and indulge in traditional Belgian waffles at local cafes and chocolate shops.

Winter Walks in National Parks:

Take a scenic winter walk in one of Belgium’s national parks, such as Hoge Kempen National Park or the Ardennes, and enjoy the serene beauty of nature.

Beer Tasting:

Belgium is famous for its beers. Visit a local brewery or a cozy pub to sample a variety of Belgian beers, including some seasonal winter brews.

Cultural Events and Winter Festivals

Check out winter festivals and cultural events happening in cities like Brussels, which may include concerts, art exhibitions, and theater performances.

Spa Day

Escape the winter chill by relaxing in one of Belgium’s renowned spa towns, such as Spa or Chaudfontaine, and indulge in thermal baths and wellness treatments.

Some really good wellness spots are:

  • Waerwaeters (Dilbeek)
  • THERMAE Boetfort
  • NE5T (Namur)
  • CHÂTEAU DES THERMES (Chaudfontainer)

Exploring LEGO Discovery Center Brussels

LEGO Discovery Centre Brussels is an indoor theme park located in the Docks Bruxsel shopping and leisure complex. The park is themed around the toy brand LEGO.

  • Embark on a journey where children have the power to shape their own realities.
  • The center features a captivating expanse of attractions and 12 dynamic activity zones.
  • Craft your personalized Minifigure, a companion throughout your adventure, and witness the mesmerizing MINI WORLD constructed from over 1.5 million bricks.
  • Engage in interactive creative workshops guided by skilled Master Model Builders
  • Hop aboard a LEGO world train, and experience exclusive 4D Cinema shows.

Winter Hiking in Hautes Fagnes

Hautes Fagnes - Snow Activities in Belgium

Hautes Fagnes, part of the Ardennes, offers picturesque winter hiking trails. The snow-covered landscape transforms the region into a serene and magical destination for nature enthusiasts.

Belgium’s winter landscape offers a perfect blend of adventure and charm, whether skiing in the Ardennes or savoring Belgian chocolate in Bruges. The snow-covered vistas and festive ambiance make it a magical destination for winter enthusiasts.

So, bundle up and immerse yourself in the beauty of Belgium’s snow season.

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