8 Best Places To Visit in Virginia 

8 Best Places To Visit in Virginia 

Best Places To Visit in Virginia

Virginia is a truly historic site, but this state is truly for lovers. Well, yes, lovers, but of all kinds. It doesn’t matter whether you are a history lover, a nature lover, a mountain lover, or a wine lover. This fabulous state has something to offer almost every enthusiastic tourist. The captivating beaches, splendid mountains, and eye-catching monuments make Virginia the abode of tourists. Today, we will share with you the eight best places that you really need to visit in Virginia.

Best Places To Visit in Virginia 

Number 8: Luray Caverns 

Stepping into Luray Caverns will make you feel as if you have become a part of the otherworld, an unknown, alien territory. This surreal cave features a series of calcite formations. Walk through the pathways in the caves and admire the beautiful limestone crystals. The cave also features some gorgeous interior lakes. Surprisingly, the Great Stalacpipe Organ creates pleasant, natural music with the aid of the stalactites. Make sure to take attractive pictures of the Titania’s Veil, and the mammoth Double Column. The Luray Valley Museum exhibits several imitated building samples and artefacts that echo the history of the Shenandoah Valley. Have fun exploring the 1940s toy collection at Toy Town Junction, located here, and gain a unique experience. 

Best Places To Visit in Virginia  Luray Caverns 
Luray Caverns 

Number 7: Richmond 

Richmond is an aesthetic, beautiful place that has great historical significance. It was the hub of the American Independence Movement. This same building also served as the capital of the Confederacy from 1861 to 1865. Visit the Church Hill Historic Area and observe the 70 antebellum houses that present a picture of how Richmond looked before the Civil War. The grand structure of the State Capitol that you will spot here was designed on the initiative of Thomas Jefferson, way back in 1785–1788. Moving in the southern direction from the State Capitol, you will come across Canal Walk. It has been named so because the James River-Kanawha Canal runs along with it. Take a moment to lay your feet in the beautiful gardens present here and gain a unique experience visiting this administrative building.

Best Places To Visit in Virginia  Richmond 

Number 6: Roanoke 

Surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the pretty city of Roanoke, located in the middle of a picturesque valley, is a bustling center of art and culture. The special feature of this place is the presence of a large star located over Mill Mountain. The strong light from this star makes the streets glitter brightly. For this very reason, this place is also known as the Star City of the South. There are lots of museums and theaters located here. The Taubman Museum of Art is the most famous owing to its massive collection of spectacular artworks that you are surely going to love. Explore the interesting history of the evolution of Roanoke’s railway by visiting the Virginia Museum of Transportation. If you ever feel hungry from all the long hours of walking, do remember to treat yourself to any of the grand restaurants located here. It’s absolutely fun out here!

Best Places To Visit in Virginia,  Roanoke 

Number 5: Busch Gardens 

Whether you are bringing children along or wish to have some fun moments for yourself, visiting Busch Gardens is something you can’t afford to miss out on. Having Europe as its incredible theme, this lovely, picturesque park follows the ambience of Southern Germany. Here, you will come across the vibrant sight of dirndl-attired dancers. The performance of the Bavarian bond will captivate you like nothing else. The adventurous place also features a beautiful aviary that shelters diverse exotic birds. Let your children have fun by enjoying thrilling rides that are appropriate for them. Loads of roller coasters and nerve-wracking rides are present here. Enjoy these amusing rides, and see how brave you are!

Best Places To Visit in Virginia  Gardens 
Busch Gardens 

Number 4: Natural Bridge of Virginia 

This exotic tourist spot used to compete with Niagara Falls in terms of beauty during the 18th and 19th centuries. But that doesn’t mean this pretty natural bridge doesn’t hold any importance today. It is one of the oldest attractions in America. This astounding bridge was constructed naturally after a cavern, through which Cedarn Creek flowed, collapsed. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson visited this incredible spot in the past. Located nearby are the thrilling Natural Bridge Caverns. Go on a thrilling journey as you descend 34 stories underground to get a killer view of the stunning Mirror Lake, the Classical Dome room, and the series of stalactites and stalagmites found here. You may go on a relaxing walk along the Cedarn Creek Trail and then reach Lace Falls from Cascade Falls. It is going to be a surreal experience, for sure.

Best Places To Visit in Virginia  Natural Bridge of Virginia
Natural Bridge of Virginia

Number 3: Virginia Beach 

The glittering golden sand and ever-bustling coast make Virginia Beach an immensely popular spot. Loads of amusement centers, restaurants, and resorts make this place extremely crowded. To have double fun, you can head to the Ocean Breeze Water Park to have an exciting experience on the Caribbean-themed waterslides, a beautiful water playground, and whatnot. A greater part of the coastline has been preserved for the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Here, you can have a great time admiring the diverse kinds of birds, starting from ducks, and falcons to snow geese. Embark on an adventurous journey by using the various hiking trails, indulging in picnicking, and spending lovely moments with your family.

Best Places To Visit in Virginia  Virginia Beach 
Virginia Beach 

Number 2: Mount Vernon 

Get lost in the world of history as you visit Mount Vernon. This sprawling building premise used to be the abode of George Washington in 1754. After his death, this impressive mansion underwent lots of renovations, resulting in the captivating 21-room plantation house that stands upright here. The vivid wall colors and sheer vibrancy of the interior of the house make it a special attraction. This historic home still bears various personal items from George and Martha Washington. These include fascinating crests, astounding portraits, and several other personal possessions of the Washington family. The picturesque sight offered by the gardens overlooking the Potomac River adds to the loveliness of the place.

Best Places To Visit in Virginia  Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon

Number 1: Arlington National Cemetery 

Despite being a cemetery, its beauty is surreal. Spread over an area of 600 acres, Arlington National Cemetery is the place where a majority of the renowned people of America have been buried. US President John F. Kennedy’s grave is the most-visited tomb here. Pay your respects to the dead, and gain a unique experience amidst the serenity of the calm aura of the cemetery. An eternal flame keeps burning at Kennedy’s tomb, and it is really something worth noticing. The cemetery features various memorials, such as the Iwo Jima Memorial and the Seabees Memorial. Visit the Women in Military Service for America Memorial to pay homage to all the women in the US Military. From Arlington House, you get to enjoy a charming view of the entire city. You will surely have a pleasant experience out there.

Best Places To Visit in Virginia  Arlington National Cemetery 
Arlington National Cemetery 

Top 8 Best Places to Visit in Virginia on a Map

So that’s it for our Virginia Top 8! There are so many more places to explore! If you have some other great suggestions… Let us know in the COMMENTS section below.

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