10 Best Places to Visit in Malta

10 Best Places to Visit in Malta

Places to Visit in Malta

Malta, a lovely archipelago located in the central Mediterranean and flanked by Sicily and the coast of North Africa, is sure to give you a unique experience. The Megalithic temples, fossil-shrouded cliffs, exotic beaches, electric blue waters, and charming islands make this place a traveler’s paradise.

Best Places to Visit in Malta

#10: The Blue Grotto 

The Blue Grotto is a wonderful place to be! Featuring a series of sea caverns, the place puts on a beautiful appearance after getting bathed in emerald blue light. The bright sun’s rays and dazzling blue waters together make for a breathtaking view. The gigantic natural arch of the grotto, along with the rugged cliffs, further beautify the place. The best way to reach the Blue Grotto is via a boat tour. You can get on a boat departing from the harbor of Wied iz-Zurrieq, which is spread over a narrow bay in the beach village of Zurrieq. 

Best Places to Visit in Malta - The Blue Grotto 
The Blue Grotto 

#9: Valletta City 

Valletta is the picturesque capital city of the island nation of Malta. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, Valletta is stuffed with majestic churches, beautiful palaces, and an endless number of museums. The city features as many as 320 monuments. No wonder, it can be an ideal place for a history buff! Established back in the 1500s by the Knights of St. John, Valletta City’s streets and piazzas will surely please you. St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Grand Master’s Palace of this capital city are true representations of Baroque architectural style. The Maltese Carnival at Valletta is a chief tourist attraction, so you can have a fantastic time celebrating the local culture to the fullest. 

Best Places to Visit in Malta-Valletta City 
Valletta City 

#8: Comino Island 

Welcome to Nature’s Ideal Swimming Pool! Comino Island, the smallest of the Maltese Islands, is a charming place surrounded by dazzling blue waters on every side. Just between Comino and the neighboring islet of Cominotto lies the ultra-beautiful Blue Lagoon. The white sandy beaches with electric blue waters flowing along the coast make this place heavenly. Indulge in a plethora of water sports such as diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Explore the native vegetation near the sand dunes at Santa Maria Bay to perceive the beauty of the place. This place stays crowded throughout the year, so you can expect lots of other people waiting to book a yacht to experience the awesomeness of this place. 

Best Places to Visit in Malta- Comino Island 
Comino Island 

#7: Dingli Cliffs 

Dingli Cliffs take you to the highest point in Malta. Overlooking the wonderful seascape, the place has been named after an English Knight of the Order of St. John, Sir Thomas Dingley.  Yes, you can have an awesome time visiting the secluded islet of Filfla. Witness the lovely views of the sunset with the blue waters turning bright red. Visit St. Mary Magdalene Chapel and take aesthetic pictures of the marvelous place. Our top suggestion? Explore the stunning cliffs of Dingli on foot! You’ll find some popular 2- to 3-hour walking trails close by.

Best Places to Visit in Malta- Dingli Cliffs 
Dingli Cliffs 

#6: Marsaxlokk Village 

This traditional fishing village in Malta upholds the most beautiful picture of authentic local Maltese life. Bold-colored, vibrant boats arranged along the shore add to the beauty of the scenery. The fish market along the shore of Marsaxlokk is a popular place, thronged by huge crowds throughout the year. Long ago, during the age of antiquity, this village was used as a port by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians. Enjoy a soothing boat trip from Marsaxlokk to the wonderlands of Delimara and Birzebbuga. Luzzu and Kajjik are aesthetic traditional fishing boats found in abundance at this local market. Marsaxlokk serves as the perfect weekend getaway if you wish to chill by the lovely waters of Malta.

Best Places to Visit in Malta- Marsaxlokk Village 
Marsaxlokk Village 

#5: Popeye Village

Situated at Anchor Bay in Malta, Popeye, or Sweet Haven Village, is a man-made film set featuring many rustic wooden buildings. Here, you can also have fun by getting on the amusing rides offered for both adults and children. It was primarily constructed to serve as a shooting set for the production of Popeye, a 1980 musical feature film. Later, it was made open to the public, and you can visit it any day of the week. There are plenty of rides, shows, and museums that give tourists an intense, fun-filled experience. If you are bringing kids along, they are surely going to love this place because they can meet the core characters of the show, including Popeye, Bluto, and Wimpy. Watch the 15-minute audiovisual shows streamed at Popeye Village and have a great time enjoyenjoying thety barbecue lunches and dinners organized here. 

Best Places to Visit in Malta-Popeye Village
Popeye Village

#4: Sliema 

Sliema is a sprawling resort town on the eastern coast of the beautiful Maltese island. It features a wide array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that include grand castles and ornate Baroque-style cathedrals. Several rocky beaches are present here. Among all the beaches, Tigne Beach Point is a must-visit. Fort Tigne, the late 18th-century heritage building, is associated with the symbol of the strong resistance of Malta against the overpowering French armies. Go swimming and snorkeling in the Balluta Bay or relax on the beach to enjoy the balming sun rays. You can also visit the Point Shopping Mall to get yourself some chic, Sliema-styled outfits for yourself, or just explore the ornate piazzas and winding alleys near the marvelous Parish Church of Sacro Cuore.

Best Places to Visit in Malta- Sliema 

#3: Mdina 

The ‘Silent City’ of Mdina is here to make medieval Malta go live in front of your eyes once again. The Cathedral of Saint Paul at Mdina is a popular tourist attraction and was designed by Lorenzo Gafa. The intricately designed interior of the Baroque-styled cathedral with the pretty pink Corinthian columns and numerous artworks in the ceiling make it a must-visit spot. Explore European masterpieces at Mdina Cathedral Museum and witness the well-restored objects from Roman Antiquity. Visiting Mdina Dungeons will give you a true feeling of prison life in Mdina as you get to walk around the mystifying passages and dark chambers that were once homes to many prisoners. The gorgeous chapels of Saint Nicholas and Saint Agatha at this lovely place are hidden gems. Various artworks are displayed here, so you can have a look at the wondrous beauty of creative pieces while touring here. 

Best Places to Visit in Malta- Mdina 

#2: Hal Saflieni Hypogeum 

This Neolithic cult site of Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is an enigmatic dark cemetery featuring numerous burial sites. Here, at this complex of catacombs, ancient men used to organize funeral ceremonies of their kin. The limestone-carved chambers, passages, and stairways with the remnants of prehistoric objects make it a true archaeological site. The abundance of artifacts, paintings, and eloquent carvings at this underground site add to the historic charm of this prehistoric site. If you are a history buff, you’ll definitely enjoy this place. Visit the Neolithic sites and discover the past as it resurfaces right in front of your eyes. 

Best Places to Visit in Malta-Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

#1: Gozo 

Gozo is one of the three islands that make up the archipelago of Malta. Pretty beaches, coves and charming rural areas make Gozo a fascinating place. This rural island features a wide array of lovely hills. Tour around the historic sites of Gozo, and don’t forget to visit the ancient Ggantija Temple, which is one of the renowned Megalithic temples of Malta. You may choose to stay in Victoria, which is the capital of Gozo. The well-fortified area of the city, known as Cittadella, is stuffed with many archaeological sites, so you can have a great time spending time amidst the historical ruins. Reach Ta’Cenc cliffs to get a panoramic view of the scenic landscape surrounding you. Explore Ramla Ray Beach, which is the biggest sand beach on this lovely island. You see… Plenty of tourist spots to choose from at Gozo! 

Best Places to Visit in Malta- Gozo 

Top 10 Best Places in Malta on a Map

Which one of these places induced excitement into your heart to visit these charming sites in Malta? Let us know in the COMMENTS section below.

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