Top 15 Places to visit in Estonia

Top 15 Places to visit in Estonia

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Estonia, located in the Baltics and a doorway to the Baltic Sea, is one of Europe’s most undervalued countries that should not be missed.

You’ll be amazed at how many sites there are to explore in Estonia, which has lush greenery in the summer and lovely snow-covered cobblestones in the winter.

15. Parnu

The coastal tourist city of Parnu is located where the Parnu River meets the Gulf of Riga. Because so many Estonians spend their summer holidays in Parnu, it is regarded as the summer capital. The beach, which has fine, white sand and beautiful dunes, is the main reason to visit Parnu. The beach promenade runs along the shore and contributes to the city’s characteristic coastal resort vibe. Even when the sun goes down for the day, lighting along the promenade keeps people walking and enjoying the coastal view. If a rainy afternoon arrives, join the residents at Vee Park, Parnu’s famed indoor water park.

Parnu - Places to visit in Estonia

14. Haapsalu

Haapsalu is a small beach town on Estonia’s west coast that is well-known among both locals and tourists as one of the greatest places in Estonia and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Estonia. It is well-known for its wooden houses, tiny lanes, restaurants, spa culture, and mud spas, which were established in the early 1800s. In addition, Haapsalu mud spas have promoted medical tourism in Estonia, attracting visitors not just to Haapsalu but also to other Estonian cities.

Haapsalu - Places to visit in Estonia

13. The Rakvere Castle

The Rakvere Castle is located in northern Estonia. Rakvere is a city where humans have lived for 1500 years, and its main feature is the Rakvere Castle. Every day is like a cosplay festival, with people dressed up. You may see knights polishing their armor and alchemists at work and take a tour of the historic wine cellar. You may enjoy a history-themed, ancient eating experience at the Shenkenberg Tavern in the castle. The Rakvere Castle is one of Estonia’s most recognized tourist attractions.

The Rakvere Castle - Places to visit in Estonia
The Rakvere Castle

12. Otepaa

In the warmer months of the year, Otepaa attracts a small population of hikers and mountain bikers who come to enjoy the meandering paths of Valga County and walk around the banks of Puhajarve Lake. However, when the snow falls, this self-proclaimed winter capital of Estonia truly comes alive.

Nordic ski tracks run deep into the woods, ski jumps erupt with cheers from the locals, and the different downhill alpine lines offer a variety of beginner and intermediate pistes. Aside from the outdoor activities, Otepaa has one beautiful church spire and the decaying remains of an old fortification for history aficionados.

Otepaa - Places to visit in Estonia

11. Kuressaare

The picturesque, castle-topped village of Kuressaare, is located on the Estonian coast of Saaremaa Island, and it is the country’s westernmost city. Given its unique geography, it’s not surprising that this one oozes Germanic and Swedish influences, from the Teutonic bulwarks of the mighty citadel to the elegant Baroque traces that decorate the municipal buildings on Keskvaljak Square.

Kuressaare is particularly well-known for its coastal spas, which laud the therapeutic powers of beach mud and silt deposits and have contributed to the city’s popularity with naturalists and eco-tourists over the years.

Kuressaare - Places to visit in Estonia

10. Sillamae

Sillamäe was a ‘closed town’ during the Soviet occupation of Estonia. Because it housed top-secret operations, it was off-limits to the public at large.

Because it was cut off from the rest of the world, the town’s design was very distinct from the rest of the country. Buildings were constructed in a neoclassical style, as opposed to the brutalist architecture prevalent throughout the rest of the union.

After the demise of the Soviet Union, the city was reopened. The relics of Soviet authority can still be seen today, with street names in Russian and hammer and sickle symbols evident on buildings.

Sillamae - Places to visit in Estonia

9. Matsalu National Park

Matsalu National Park will almost certainly appear on any list of places to visit in Estonia. It is notable for being one of Europe’s top national parks for bird watching. The national park encompasses more than 400 square kilometers of land and coast, making it one of Estonia’s largest national parks.

Matsalu is popular among hikers (it has trails for both expert and inexperienced hikers), tourists, and environment lovers. Another advantage of Matsalu is that it is simple to navigate the national park by bicycle or on foot.

Matsalu National Park - Places to visit in Estonia
Matsalu National Park

8. Viljandi

Viljandi is a small yet picturesque village in Estonia’s south. You may visit the lake, the ruins of a castle, and the Water Tower to get a view of the town. However, the city is most known for the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, which takes place every year at the end of July. The event celebrates the past’s heritage and traditions, with a focus on European folk music. So, over the festival weekend, Viljandi turns from a sleepy town to a city teeming with tens of thousands of visitors.

7. Seaplane Harbour Museum

Estonia has a variety of museums, including one of Europe’s largest naval museums at Tallinn’s Seaplane Harbor. This museum was also frequently recognized. Furthermore, the museum houses roughly 200 relics ranging from ships to mines and cannons. The most popular sights, however, are the 1930s submarine, a 100-year-old steam-powered icebreaker, and the remnants of Estonia’s oldest ship. You can try on a navy uniform at the museum, which is interactive.

Seaplane Harbour Museum - Places to visit in Estonia
Seaplane Harbour Museum

6. Tartu 

Tartu is steeped in history as the oldest city in the Baltics and home to Estonia’s oldest and most prominent university. It is a true university town with a youthful population. Tartu is a vibrant and hip city with a thriving cultural and alternative art scene.

The small city is incredibly walkable, and you’ll have a terrific time seeing everything. Stroll through the vibrant city center, which is filled with monuments and statues, such as the Kissing Students Fountain. The Karlova district is where you’ll find Tartu’s fashionable and stylish side and plenty of street art. There’s also a Street Art Festival every year!

Tartu - Places to visit in Estonia

5. Narva

Narva is located in the far east of Estonia, on the border with Russia. It is home to the country’s earliest fortified settlement, which dates back to roughly 1000 BC. The city is called after the river that runs through it and has long been an important trading hub. Narva has a sizable Russian community and is a cultural melting pot. Narva’s architecture is an intriguing combination of Soviet, Baroque, and Medieval styles.

Narva Castle, also known as Hermann Castle, is the city’s primary attraction. This lovely stronghold was erected during the Danish conquest of Estonia in the 13th century. The castle has been carefully repaired and is now open to the public. The 15th-century Ivangorod Castle is located across the river from Narva Castle in Russia. It was constructed due to the inability of the Narva stronghold to be taken. As a result, the two fortifications are juxtaposed with the river between them.

Narva - Places to visit in Estonia

4. Hiiumaa

Most people do not associate Estonia with islands. Hiiumaa, on the other hand, is one of several islands off the coast and in the Baltic Sea. Hiiumaa can be reached by plane from Tallinn or by ferry from a number of coastal cities on the Estonian mainland. Hiiumaa is a popular destination for surfers, sailors, and hikers looking for peace and quiet. The island also has a number of fascinating lighthouses. The Tahkuna Lighthouse, built in cast iron in the nineteenth century, is the tallest in the country. The Kpu Lighthouse, on the other hand, is much older. Kpu is one of the world’s oldest lighthouses, dating back to the 15th century.

Hiiumaa - Places to visit in Estonia

3. Soomaa National Park

The Soomaa National Park is another fascinating Estonian site. It was predominantly a peat bog produced by glaciers melting more than ten thousand years ago. Canoeing is the most popular activity in this area. This park also has deer, elk, beavers, boars, a golden eagle, and many other creatures. The spring season is the best time to visit this park. 

Soomaa National Park - Places to visit in Estonia
Soomaa National Park

2. Tuhala

Tuhala is one of Estonia’s most important historical monuments, with traces of human settlement reaching back more than three millennia, providing a view into the years before Tallinn’s great medieval bulwarks were even constructed. This earthy region is home to enigmatic collections of cult stones and ancient religious monuments, as well as strange cup-marked carvings and hallowed sites brimming with pre-Christian customs.

There are also fourth-century timber pathways and, of course, the famed Witch’s Well, a unique occurrence that occurs when the subterranean channels of the region’s karst system bubble up and overflows from a rustic well into the neighboring farmlands.

Tuhala - Places to visit in Estonia

1. Tallinn

Tallinn is the most popular destination for visitors visiting Estonia. The capital is an interesting city with a lot to see despite its tiny size.

The medieval section of the town is the primary attraction. It’s a lovely setting, with towers and an arch greeting you. There are various restaurants and bars that play on the medieval theme and are worth visiting.

Hiking up to Toompea Castle at the city’s upper reaches will reward you with spectacular views of the city and beyond!

Tallinn - Places to visit in Estonia

Top 15 Places to visit in Estonia on a MAP

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Estonia and discover these amazing places! You may also book your stay at these Best Hotels in Tallinn, Estonia.

Do you have any other favorite places to visit in this wonderful land? Leave your comment below, and we’ll surely include it on the list.

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