Is Belgium safe for tourists?

Is Belgium safe for tourists?

Before you start traveling to countries, it’s, of course, a good idea to check whether your destination is safe. Maybe this question is often answered by travel agents or people who have not been in Belgium themselves. As a Belgian citizen, I will give you a much more detailed answer In this article so you know exactly what to expect from the Belgium, cities and certain areas…

So is it safe in Belgium for tourists? Overall, Belgium is pretty safe for traveling. It’s most unlikely anything will happen to you while visiting. Crime rates in Belgium are low. As in many other countries, crime rates tend to be a bit higher in the bigger cities like Brussels or Antwerp but still, there is no reason to worry about your overall safety in Belgium. Of course, just be aware of your belongings so pickpockets don’t stand a chance.

Let me get a little more in detail about your safety while traveling in Belgium.

Belgium safety in a nutshell


Belgium is an overall safe country. It is ranked 39th out of 162 on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries.

Pickpockets, mugging & scams risk: Medium

Belgium is an averagely safe country regarding the chances of being mugged. As you know pickpockets do love popular places and tourist attractions …As a touristic destination, there is a pickpocket risk in Belgium and especially in Brussels and other crowded spaces (train stations and subway, festivals,..).

There might be some risk while taking public transport in Belgium, with pickpockets or bag snatchers in the Eurostar / Thalys. A few simple precautions are advisable. In comparison with other big cities like Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam,… the risk is fairly low.

Avoid people who are insisting to enter a business or to go somewhere, and in 99% of the cases, you’ll be fine. Be aware of “gold ring” tricks, fake petitions, groups of teenagers acting strangely or trying to distract you; and people offering help with your luggage.

Natural disasters risk: Low

There are no natural hazards in Belgium. Earthquakes are as good as not existing. Of course in Belgium, heavy weather or storms might show up. But nothing to worry about!

Terrorism Risk: Low-medium

There has been a terrorist attack in the past (22 March 2016). As in every other country, it is best to avoid very crowded areas and public demonstrations.

Women travelers risk: Low

Generally speaking, Belgium is very safe for women travelers. I wouldn’t worry. Cities like Ghent, Leuven, Bruges will feel better

Safety in most popular Belgian cities

How safe is Brussels?

After 4 years of living in Brussels and regularly visiting the capital, I know by now the most ins and outs what to do and where to avoid in Brussels.
Let’s say sometimes a few neighborhoods look a bit sketchy, but its quite safe if you take a few things into consideration:

Is it safe to walk around Brussels at night?

This is, of course, an exaggeration but if you prefer lowering the risk, then, consider this list:

  • Don’t behave like typical tourists
  • Don’t be drunk
  • Don’t buy drugs on the street.
  • Don’t get lost at night.

Just be sensible and you’ll be fine.

For the city center: avoid being alone at night at the Boulevard Anspach late (and the surrounding subway stations), the areas surrounding the train stations (‘Gare du Midi’ and ‘Gare du Nord’ particularly), the area around ‘Anneessens’ and all Matongué (that’s the area from ‘Porte de Namur’ to ‘Flagey’ — where you’ll find great bars).

In the north of Brussels

– in the North: avoid the metro station ‘Étangs Noirs’ (and Molenbeek), The metro station in Brussels north (Schaerbeek) and Saint-Josse.

– in the South: avoid some places of Saint-Gilles (around the subway stations “Porte de Hal” and “Hotel des Monnaies”), Anderlecht and Forest. The Marollen isn’t the most dangerous location in Brussels. It’s mostly impoverished and drunk people but still dealers selling and frustrated users if they can’t find a score.

These are of course just considerations to lower every possible risk. of course an exaggeration. You may go there and encounter no problem at all; there are, by the way, very interesting things to see/do in those areas. But if you prefer lowering the risk, then, consider this list (which doesn’t guarantee 100% safety of course).

How safe is Antwerp Belgium?

Antwerp is a reasonably safe city, but the area around some neighbourhoods like De Coninckplein, Borgerhout, Seefhoek and the Schipperskwartier are considered unsafe and best avoided at night. Yet, they can be visited during the day to enjoy the lively environment.

Safety in Bruges

Bruges is very safe, whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, Bruges is very safe. There are no no-go zones or ghettos in Bruges. The local population is really used to a lot of tourists. Bruges is a pretty clean city and the police officers are present if needed.

Avoid really crowded spaces, so pickpockets don’t stand a chance.

Safety in Ghent

There are not really “bad” neighborhoods in Ghent. Some of them might have a higher crime rate than others but in general they are all pretty safe. If we really need to advise you one place (after thinking a long time), we suggest not to go to the citadel park at evening or night time. Shady people are often walking around.

Of course, sometimes drunk people in Ghent can get a little aggressive or annoying. Like in every other city in the world, be polite, be respectful and I don’t think you’ll get in trouble. If you stay in the city center, there is not a problem.

Safety Conclusion

Use your common sense, take care of your belongings, but first of all: enjoy! So Is Belgium safe in 2020? yes! Come say hi!

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