Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount. Handsfree Phone Holder with Multi-Directional Dual 360 Degree Rotation

This universal cell phone clamp holder will be your best travel companion. It is light weight, compact and versatile. Use it as a phone stand, a phone clamp or a handsfree phone holder in flight, at office or just about anywhere you go.

Phone holder opens up to 3 3/4 inches wide. Fitting example: compatible from a bare iPhone mini to an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a protective case.

$ 12.97

Pocket Size Travel Essential Accessory for Flying

  • ✈️ This can be the most versatile phone holder you ever own. With 30 days free return we sincerely invite you to try it out first hand.
  • ✈️ Strong clamp to mount your phone to table, luggage handle, gym equipments or any objects up to 1.5 inch wide.
  • ✈️ Dual joints with 360 degrees rotation gives you flexibility for best viewing angle. Vertically or horizontally.
  • ✈️ Compatible to multiple phone sizes from an iPhone Mini to an iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung Note 20 Plus.
  • ✈️ We sincerely hope you find great use of this little gadget. Should you have any issue please feel free to reach out.

Some suggestions on where and how to use this holder:

  • Kitchen cabinet or island
  • Tabletop or night stand
  • Airplane table tray
  • Bathroom (we don’t judge)
  • Monitor
  • Headphone stand

2 reviews for Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount. Handsfree Phone Holder with Multi-Directional Dual 360 Degree Rotation

  1. W.M.C.

    can’t believe I waited this long to buy this wonder! I commute to work 45-60 minutes each way on a freeway bus. I was watching movies/shows on my phone, with my head bent, and my neck would starting hurting. I saw someone on the plane last month with this & asked them where they got this little guy from & of course they said Amazon! On my way home from the airport, I placed my order. Now this thing does make some noise twisting & turning it to the position you need it in. I’m sure it’s annoying but most of us on the bus have are earbuds on and can’t hear it. Hey, at least it’s not for the entire bus ride. I’d like to think it’s not as annoying as some people that talk on the phone the WHOLE bus ride! I haven’t figured out why sometimes when I twist it back in place it won’t fit back into shape. I have to twist it a couple of times to get it to collapse onto itself. If there’s a trick, can someone share it?

  2. Yolanda Guerrero

    This is great, I bought 2 for our next flight but wanted to test it at home, now I use it all the time now when I’m running around the apartment doing chores. It grips well to almost anything and offers great flexibility to adjust angles. The joints were a little tight at first so I was scared they were gonna pop and break but nothing like that had happened and I’m much more confident adjusting it now. WAY better than those pop sockets and not as bulky as I thought it would be.

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